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Join a Syndicate

Invest alongside other experienced investors and get access to exclusive startup rounds with smaller cheque sizes.

Why invest in an angel syndicate?

One of the best things about syndicate investing is that it gives angel investors access to high-quality investment opportunities that they might not have been able to find on their own. By joining a syndicate, investors can access startups that have already been verified and reviewed by lead investors with more experience.

Syndicate investing is an easy way for a group of investors to come together to fund a business or project. They do this with one or two investors who would "lead" the other investors as a group.

Angel investors benefit in a number of ways from participating in an angel syndicate:

  • Better deal access

  • Portfolio diversity

  • Shared deal flow and due diligence 

  • More bargaining power

  • Simplicity 

  • Better portfolio support

How it works

Sign up.

Sign up and verify as an accredited investor.


Review deals, and join one (or many) syndicates. 

Pick investments that fit you. Deals are invite-only by the lead investor at this stage, so you can only view opportunities that you have been invited for. The ability to discover new deal flows will be launched at a later date, exposing you to even more exclusive deal flows for your consideration.


We look after your admin.

Participating in a syndicate is as easy as a few clicks. Then simply access all your documentation and records from one place - anytime, anywhere.

Why we do,
what we do.

Our mission.

At Angelflow we are on a mission to build the infrastructure to streamline early-stage investment.


We believe that by providing a simple way for investors to build and launch angel syndicates, we’re giving more people the opportunity to participate in the venture economy and unlocking the resources startups need to change the world.

Curated deal flow in your inbox.



Invest alongside experienced investors.

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