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Empowering Syndicates, Accelerating Investments

Build, launch, manage and invest in

angel syndicates with ease.

For Lead Investors

We’re changing the way you think about investing by accelerating your dealflow and investments.

Angelflow is a simple, end-to-end solution that lets you build your co-investment program on our platform to give your LPs and extended network the opportunity to invest in your best companies.

Our tech infrastructure gives you the power to run and manage your syndicate with ease, and at a fraction of the cost. 

We've got your back.

​We look after the admin so you can focus on the investing and growing your portfolio.


Angelflow reduces the administrative burden associated with syndicate management, from SPV formation, filings, due diligence such as KYC and AML, document management, investor closings and onboarding, payments, to lifetime administration and distributions.

For Angel Investors

We’re helping you grow your investment portfolio by amplifying your deal exposure and reach.

Angelflow lets you build your investment porfolio by giving you access to a group of experienced investors and their deal flows, so you can invest together as one entity.

Our discovery platform gives you the ability to review exclusive deal rounds with ease,  and participate with smaller cheque sizes.

We've got your back, too.

Joining a syndicate has never been easier. A syndicate is a group of investors who invest together as one entity on a cap table. Lead investors share their deal flow, you review them deal-by-deal. There's no sign-up fees, you only pay when you decide to invest.

Our investment platform walks you through the process with ease and transparency, so you can diversify your portfolio with ease.

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