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Lead a syndicate

What is an angel syndicate?


An angel syndicate is a group of investors who invest together into a startup as one entity on a cap table. They do this by pooling their cash with other investors into one special purpose vehicle (SPV). 


When lead investors (aka the syndicate leader) share their deal flow, other investors are able to review them on a deal-by-deal basis, and choose to participate in the ones they're interested in, and only pay when they decide to invest.

Why lead a syndicate?

As a syndicate leader, you are allowing other investors to participate in your deals. In exchange, investors pay the lead carry. Syndicate leaders make money by charging carried interest, which represents the percentage of profits that are paid to lead a fund. Leads can choose the amount of carry they receive when they launch a fund.

With Angelflow, leading a syndicate is easy. Identify a deal opportunity, invite your network to co-invest - then we'll take care of the rest.

How it works

Submit a deal.

Submit a deal to the platform that you want to lead. Share information about the opportunity, tailor your investment terms and update SPV documents as needed.


Share to your network.

Send the deal to your network of co-investors and let them participate as they wish. And when they do decide to co-invest, it's as simple as a few clicks.


We look after your admin.

We look after all your admin - from due diligence, record keeping and documentation to ensuring funds are received by the portfolio company. 


Lifetime management.

We provide management for the lifetime of the entity. 


Get deals live with our end-to-end solution.


Run SPVs compliantly under our regulatory umbrella with our platform.


Pool and deploy capital with your network on a deal-by-deal basis.


Comprehensive investor management tools and lifetime support.

Why we do,
what we do.

Our mission.

At Angelflow we are on a mission to build the infrastructure to streamline early-stage investment.


We believe that by providing a simple way for investors to build and launch angel syndicates, we’re giving more people the opportunity to participate in the venture economy and unlocking the resources startups need to change the world.

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